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The 11 Best Big Toys for When You Want the Holiday Wow Factor

You might say it's the thought that counts, but a big gift is also special.

At least once in their childhood, a kid should get a chance to open a massive, humongous, gigantic, or merely very big gift during the holidays. Because waking up to a wrapped big toy feels like an epic and important moment. Kids will remember and reminisce about that huge Christmas present for years to come. But parents going for the wow factor don’t have to simply rely on bikes and dollhouses to give their kids a big-gift thrill.

Looking to give kids a big gift this year? From toys that kids can ride, drive, build, or use to play pretend, these are the big gifts for kids that they’ll remember.

This is the electric kids' car of our dreams. And their dreams.

We have this Tesla at the office and let us assure you, it’s a showstopper. You get the authentic Tesla Model S body styling with black rims and a high speed motor that goes up to six mph. You get six miles of driving range with the battery. And it charges like an actual Tesla, through the taillight port. The car has LED headlights, a working horn, and all the smugness that comes with driving an electric vehicle. 

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No one needs a massive stuffed giraffe but damn, do we want one.

This giant four foot tall stuffed giraffe is a statement piece, like an Eames chair or a Chanel bag. It serves no purpose, other than looking entirely badass.

Sure, you could get your kid a faux NASA helmet. Or, go big with this 56 inch tall rocket ship tent.

Asweets makes some of the most stunning indoor and outdoor tents for kids. But if we had to choose, we’d blow it out with this rocket ship. Why? Just look at it. That’s why. It’s made from New Zealand imported pine wood and 100 percent cotton canvas fabric and fits two or more kids.

A big disco house for the LOL Suprise fan.

To be honest, a “Winter Disco Chalet” sounds like a helluva place to party (even though we are not fans of all that gross plastic packaging). And frankly, any lover of the hugely popular LOL Surprise series of toys will be floored to find themselves the new owner of the grooviest, pinkest, surprise-packed chalet in the Alps. At nearly 3-feet tall by 3-feet wide this wild house comes with a chimney that snows, a working chairlift, 15 feet of Christmas lights and over 95 surprise boxes to unpack and enjoy.

Your kid is asking for a pony? Now, you just got him or her one...that doesn't poop.

Cheaper than an actual horse, with none of the veterinary care required. Kids can ride this thing and it moves from left to right. The cool thing is, kids have to use actual muscles to get the horse to move, because it’s not battery-operated. Which means they’ll get tired. Which is a good thing.

A big Hot Wheels track set with lots of action.

The best part about racing Hot Wheels cars is how dang awesome it is to watch them crash. This massive, motorized Hot Wheels track lays out a 5-foot long figure 8 with options to brave the intersections or jump cars across. Action is pretty much guaranteed, but if you need more, feel free to add the track you already have to make the Crash Track part of your larger set-up.

A big play kitchen from the pretend play masters.

Toddlers and preschoolers love to do the things their parents do, particularly when it comes to seemingly mundane tasks like cooking. Give kids a chance to cook up a storm with this beautiful wooden kitchen from Melissa & Doug. This set features dispensable “ice” from a kid-size fridge, turnable dials and a microwave plate that spins. Add some Melissa & Doug play food and top-notch cooking accessories and kids will be serving up velcro’d carrots in no time.

This 1:6 scale remote control Grave Digger is truly monstrous. At nearly 2-feet long with massive oversize BKT tires, kids can control the Monster Jam grand-daddy over even the most rugged terrain. The remote reaches 250 feet away and gives drivers full directional control in both forward and reverse. It’s time to crush Christmas morning.

Giant-sized classic game the whole family can play.

At four feet tall and four feet wide, this jumbo 4-to-score game puts supersizes the table-top classic. Less stuffy than oversized lawn chess, this is one strategy game that both kids and adults can play. And given the massive scale it won’t soon lose the wow factor any time soon.

A big action play set for the younger set.

Younger kids will love guiding their favorite PJ Masks characters through this humongous playset. There are trap doors, multiple levels, a landing pad and a track that lets Gekko zoom into the night in his Gekko-Mobile. Set it up on Christmas eve and the little ones might not even want to open any other presents.

A complete Hogwarts castle to build and enjoy.

This 6,020 piece Hogwarts castle has everything a fan would need to recreate the classic films. You’ll find the Chamber of Secrets, the moving stairs and the great dining hall. Plus the set comes loaded with the full cast of principal characters, along with a dragon and a basilisk for good measure. Make sure you have a space to build this one because it’s definitely a statement piece.

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